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About The Room Podcast

Opening doors to conversations with iconic technology founders

The Room is a podcast for anyone passionate about consumer & tech products. If you want a deeper look at the early days of your favorite app, brand, or tech experiences, our guests were in the room where it happened and they're sharing their stories.

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About The Room Community

More than a podcast, the Room is an IRL community

The Room Podcast hosts community events in San Francisco (and beyond). Learn more about how you can join us for a live recording, happy hour, or even be a part of our community Slack.

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About The Room Team

Brought to you by a founder & funder

The Room Podcast was founded in 2020 by Madison McIlwain and Claudia Laurie, who are friends, co-hosts, and now a funder & founder duo themselves.

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Featured Episodes

S6E1: Co-Founder & CRO, Shuo Wang, and Deel are Reimagining Payouts for Businesses on a Global Scale

This episode’s key themes include the power of rapid feedback in early product building, how to align your business growth with your customer’s success, and the future of global hiring.

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S3E1: Ciara- Grammy award winning artist and CEO of Beauty Marks Entertainment is leveling it up

On this episode, we walk through the digital media’s transformation of the music industry, having a level up mentality, and surrounding yourself with people aligned to your vision.

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S7E1: Spencer Rascoff, Co-Founder of Zillow, Gives Advice for Entrepreneurs Amidst a Macroeconomic Downturn

In our conversation today, we explore themes such as the art of a killer feature, managing team morale amidst a macroeconomic downturn, and why the future of real estate is fractional.

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Let's open the door.

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