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The Room Podcast is a podcast for anyone who is passionate about consumer and technology products. We believe it is important to bring to life the stories behind the products that shape our world. Most consumers dream of being in the room where “it” happened. However, these conversations and the creation stories historically happen behind doors closed to groups across age, gender and race. In an effort to open the door, the Room is bringing together men and women across ages and races into the conversation on pivotal product stories.

Our conversation with visionary technology leaders is moderated by two digitally native innovators who are challenging the status quo just like the founders and investors we interview. Not only have Claudia and Madison have been friends for over two years sharing product stories and a mutual love of consumer retail innovation, but they are now a founder + investor duo- Madison is an investor in Claudia's startup. For more about us, see below!


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About our sponsors

Silicon Valley Bank is committed to building a stronger, more inclusive innovation economy. By actively contributing to economic and social equality, SVB helps to produce greater opportunities for more people. SVB’s Access to Innovation Program partners with leading organizations to provide Black, Latinx and women entrepreneurs, executives, investors and emerging professionals with the resources, education, and community needed to advance their careers. Learn more about Silicon Valley Bank’s Access to Innovation program by visiting svb.com/access.
Cooley is a global law firm built around startups and venture capital, equipped with a full-service offering to advise clients throughout their lifecycle. Since forming the first venture capital partnership in the western US, Cooley has formed more venture capital funds than any other law firm in the world and has a client base of more than 7,000 innovative, high-growth private company clients. Clients who partner with Cooley get the advantage of extensive experience, true teamwork and an entrepreneurial culture that help build businesses and transform breakthrough ideas into successful companies. Learn more about the firm at cooley.com and cooleygo.com, Cooley’s award-winning free legal resource for entrepreneurs.